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You’ve heard that content is king and that is true, but you can go too far. One of the five common mistakes that many businesses make in their web design is providing too much information at once.

There are several ways you can provide too much information on your website:

  • Too many irrelevant pages
  • Too much information on a single page, making it too long to read
  • Providing too much depth when giving an overview would do
  • Elaborating on topics that need no elaboration
  • Redundancy
  • Duplicating content
  • Adding irrelevant content to pages, watering down your SEO

Web design is very important. People will leave your site as often for a poor web design as they will anything else. An attractive site is very important to keep people interested. Even then, relevant content is what keeps visitors on your site and if you have too much irrelevant content or provide more than what people are willing to read through then you could be cutting off your own nose.

Before you build your site, learn a few web design basics. Don’t be a bore.

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