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Here’s a quick web design tip you can implement right away and it will only take a few minutes. It’s really a branding element you can use to help establish your brand online but it just takes one line of code.

A favicon is a little icon that displays next to the URL in the address box of your browser. You can create one out of your logo, or any image, in just a few minutes. Go to and upload your image or create one. Follow the directions and save your favicon to your hard drive. It should end with the .ico file extension.

You want to keep your favicon simple. Not too complex. Just like your company logo. If done right, it will brand your website online.

Place the code for your favicon in the head section of your html in every page of your website. You’ll need to upload your image to your server then include the following line of code (enclosed in brackets) in your html:


That’s it. Now you have a favicon.

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