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Looking around at many websites, they appear to have been created two or three years ago, and never updated. The Internet continues to grow and it continues to evolve. If you were to take a snapshot today and compare it with 2006, for example, you would notice quite a few changes. So my question for you today is quite simple – has your website’s design kept up with the latest trends?

What should today’s website look like? That’s a harder question, but I do suggest you consider some of the following:

Page loading speed – How fast (or slow) do your pages load?

Social integration – Social integration goes beyond just social ‘like’ buttons. Including or linking to reviews, incorporating Twitter feeds, allowing comments and linking to sites such as Facebook all help to open up that ‘social’ aspect of your business.

Video – Video has been a major player for several years now, but it is seeing a real growth when it comes to onsite publication on small business websites.

Overall aesthetics – Google Preview allows searchers to preview your site before clicking through. How appealing is your site?

Local Search – If your business services a geographic area, then local search brings requirements of its own. Having your address and telephone number on all pages and perhaps even a local map giving directions to your business will help potential customers find you, and do business with you (they also help you rank higher in local search)

The Internet continues to evolve on an almost daily basis. While your website’s design doesn’t quite need to be updated that often, an annual review is definitely something you should consider – perhaps you could make it one of your New Years resolutions.

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