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The Web is atwitter today with talk of Facebook’s potential network and its Like feature. The focus is on Facebook’s privacy settings. By allowing publishers Web-wide to mine data about Facebook users through a Like button on their site, Facebook could use that information to target advertising on its own website. But that Like button could be more important than anyone realizes. It can be important for web design.

Issues that web designers will have to consider when building their website will include:

  • Whether or not Facebook’s Like button is necessary.
  • Where on each page of the site the Like button should be displayed.

It’s a no-brainer, of course. If Facebook is the most trafficked website on the Web then most webmasters are going to consider putting the Like button on their site, but is that going to be a good idea? You might find that consumers will not Like your content if they think that it will reveal something about themselves that they don’t want potential employers, college admissions counselors or someone else knowing. That Like button could then be a pariah.

It will be interesting to see how the Facebook privacy controversy plays out. It will be more interesting to see how it affects web design.

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