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If you look at some of the most popular websites online you’ll find that a lot of them have some things in common. Let’s take a look:

  • Google – Long known for its simplicity, Google’s home page is a search box with a couple of links on a white page. Nothing fancy. And Google is a top tier website with one of the highest usage rates in history.
  • Twitter – Twitter started off with a very simple design. Just a few months ago they upgraded their web design, but it didn’t change much. It is still simple with its two-column approach.
  • Facebook – Facebook might look complicated, but it’s not. There’s a news feed and two sidebars – a right and a left. That’s pretty common these days. The design gives Facebook a familiar look and most users can find what they want with no problem.
  • YouTube – YouTube’s design has been simple from the beginning. The current design, while not the original, still employs simple design elements while showcasing some of the best videos in a variety of categories. When you move to channel pages, the design becomes even simpler.

When it comes to web design, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Often, the best designs are simple. Simplicity works.

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