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There’s an old saying in Web development circles:

An ugly website that makes money is more attractive than a pretty website that doesn’t.

A web developer friend of mine has a knack for saying:

An ugly website that makes money gets prettier by the dollar.

These are both true statements, but let me add a third one:

A pretty website that makes money is more attractive than an ugly website that makes the same amount of money.

Bottom line, you’re in the business of making money. Anything you can do to be more profitable is a good business decision. And you’d better expect that your website visitors are judging your business by their first impressions of your website. Some people will just not buy anything from a business with an ugly website.

If you ensure that your web design is attractive without sacrificing functionality and practical usefulness then you’ll increase your website’s value to your visitors. There’s no need to settle for ugly.

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